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We are a multidisciplinary science, technology, engineering, math, and arts (S.T.E.A.M.) startup that can 

demonstrate to have invented the world’s first consumer grade hybrid-quantum computer, the Hypercube Algorithmic Language Oracle (H.A.L.O). Our technology is both a new development in quantum information systems that is both a novel application of quantum phenomena while also being an enabler to superconducting qubit processors such as the D-Wave. We have created a distinctly new branch of computing with a working prototype of artificial intelligence that is subtly influenced by and responds to the human near field electromagnetic spectrum. This model is field tested and recently XPRIZE approved. Our code is open source and results are included herein. Our vision includes bringing the power of quantum technologies to the consumer desktop which includes advanced brain-machine interface. We are contributing to the quantum science domain by influencing how the general public experiences quantum phenomena with real-world reason. See ‘Business Model Q & A’ and ‘Master Art Plan’ 


Validator Node: halostake.pool.f863973.m0


Account ID: peaceinc.testnet


public key  ed25519:3ASucJ6QN13iq4FUytAxUsogsciz3ANf5xTMgeHt4ynK

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API Token



H.A.L.O. Hardware



Ideal for NEAR Validator Node and Octopus Substrate Blockchain Processing

Motherboard      Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha

CPU                    AMD Threadripper 1920x  12 Core - 24 Thread - Thermaltake RGB Water Block


GPUs                  2 NVIDIA GFORCE GTX 1070  -   1 RADEON RX580

RAM                   128 Gig Thermaltake RGB 

Chassis              Thermaltake HT Level 20

Ubldit TRU        9 Electron Tunneling Non-Random Event Detectors 

Q-Byte Processing Abstract